Current Features

Personal Business Portal

REALIVISTA provides your company with a business portal that you can share with others to make it easier, and faster, for them to do business with you. Simply invite your clients and every real estate professional you know to "pin" your portal's quick-launch icon to their smartphone homescreens so that your company is always just "one tap" away.


Localized Discussion Community

Draw people into conversations and discussions with your own self-branded localized discussion community. Not only is this a great place for locals to share, and get, information about your city or county; it is also a great way for you to keep your name and brand in front of them every time they post new comments or reply to existing comments.


Incentive Marketing Program

Incentive marketing is one of the fastest ways to attract new sales. The incentive marketing program that we design for you not only helps you book new sales from buyer inspections, but it also helps you to pre-schedule secondary inspections on-the-spot. It also allows professional referrers to "present" your incentives as a gift from them.


Specialized Online Forms

Pre-built forms in your business portal are designed to make it easy for people to engage you for a variety of business-related reasons. This includes ordering new business, referring others to you, rating the quality of your service, asking questions, and more. Forms are customizable, and we can create new forms as needed upon your request.


Area Exclusivity

You have the option of selecting a county or city for your localized discussion community. If your selection is available, then you will be the only company that can present it. Your discussion community is also tightly-integrated with your business portal, so you can rest assured that dozens of your competitors will not be using REALIVISTA to compete against you.


You suite of REALIVISTA tools can be highly customized to your business needs. This includes adding, changing, or deleting channels in either your business portal or discussion community. You can also let us know what kinds of incentives you want to offer, their value, and when they expire. We want to help you make REALIVISTA yours to use and share with confidence.

Future Features

As REALIVISTA grows, we will begin integrating new features into our suite of products that will included in your current pricing. This includes:

  • content creation for newsletters and blogs
  • website development
  • incentive package design
  • customized graphic design

...and more. In fact, just let us know what you need, and we will figure out how to implement it if possible.

Featured Home Inspectors

Local Discussion Community and Business Portal built for Randy Beck of Absolute Home Inspection Services in Guilford County, NC.

Discussion Community and Business Portal built for Bob Van Stry of Can Do Home Inspections in Suffolk County, NY.

Discussion Community and Business Portal built for Stephen Cancler of Full House Inspection Services in Seattle, WA.

Local Discussion Community and Business Portal built for Larry Habben of Habben's Home Inspection in Orange County, CA.

Discussion Community and Business Portal built for Warren Porter of Porter's Wisconsin Inspections in Iowa County, NC.