Who We Are

REALIVISTA was founded by Robert Humphries, a twenty-year veteran of the marketing and advertising industry. Robert has also been working with home service and real estate companies for over a decade and is an InterNACHI® vendor member. Robert is also a co-creator and co-founder of the DVT-Digital Versatile Tour virtual tour system. With the help of a small investment group comprised of seasoned home service companies, REALIVISTA was developed to assist real estate-related professionals with localized marketing through the development of unique tools and services that cannot be found anywhere else as a fully-packaged and managed service.

Our Purpose

We have only one purpose. We want to assist real estate-related professionals to connect, learn, and grow through real estate-specific conversations in localized markets.

Our Presenters

REALIVISTA presenters are local business professionals who are either real estate agents or industry professionals such as vendors and contractors. Every presenter is local to the REALIVISTA discussion community they present.

Your Responsibility

Should you decide to participate in discussion threads on REALIVISTA, then we ask only one thing of you. Be helpful to others. REALIVISTA is a "learning-based community" where you can share and exchange ideas. Always be willing to share something whether it is technical knowledge or your own personal experiences.

Fees and Cost

REALIVISTA is absolutely free for any real estate-related professional and vendor to use.