About REALIVISTA - Home Inspector Marketing

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Who We Are

REALIVISTA was founded by Robert Humphries, a twenty-year veteran of the marketing and advertising industry. Robert has also been working with home inspectors for over a decade and is an InterNACHI® vendor member. With the help of a small investment group comprised of seasoned home inspectors, REALIVISTA was developed to assist real estate-related professionals with localized marketing through the development of unique tools and services that cannot be found anywhere else as a fully-packaged and managed service.

Our Purpose

We have only one purpose. We want to make it easier for home inspectors and real estate agents to do business together by providing products that facilitate a professional, and mutually-beneficial union between the two industries.

Our Products

Our products and services are specifically designed to make "engagement" easier and, well, more fun between all parties that deal with real estate clients. This includes:

  • PERSONAL BUSINESS PORTAL - This is your "virtual file drawer" that you share with others (especially with real estate agents) so that they have instant access to do business with you and retrieve information from you. It is designed to be "pinned" to smartphone and tablet homescreens but works just as well on a PC. Your portal works inside of the web browser, so it is not an "app" and will not consume any memory on a user's device.

  • LOCAL DISCUSSION COMMUNITY - Allows real estate professionals and local residents to post comments in over 100 discussion channels about your local community. Its a great way to get people engaged in conversations about things they have in common. Every time someone posts a new comment, or replies to a previous comment, it helps to build your brand identity and marketing more inspections.

  • INCENTIVE MARKETING PROGRAM - Incentives are a great way to attract new business quickly. Our incentive program is fully-customized to your inspection company's needs and can be "turned-on" or "turned-off" as you desire. Best of all, our incentive "gift cheques" can be customized by real estate agents and "Presented by" them as a gift to their clients from them. We can also design specialized gift cheques for any of your inspection marketing needs.

Personal Business Portal

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Local Discussion Community

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Incentive Marketing Program

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How Exclusivity Works

Exclusivity is based solely on the local area you choose. You may choose a city or county to present and represent. Your REALIVISTA Local Discussion Community is based on what area you choose. We do no guarantee that there will not be overlapping of service areas after you choose your county or city to present.