Frequently-Asked Questions

"What do I get when I sign up?"

Your account includes a complete array of products and services which includes a personalized local discussion community that allows anyone to participate in posting comments. It also includes a business portal that you can share with referrers and clients. And depending on whether or not you need or want them, it includes customized gift cheques for discounts on home inspections that can be "presented" by others.

"How long does it take to set up my account after I pay for it?"

This is going to depend greatly on how many accounts we have to set up. It can be as short as two hours or up to one week. Keep in mind that we do a lot of graphical and textual customizing which takes time.

"Do I have to edit anything?"

You have the ability to edit your basic contact information and incentive expiration date through your business portal Editing Environment. Otherwise, we manage everything else for you. Should you ever need us to edit something for you, just let us know. It's part of our service and the fee you pay.

"How I do get people to put my business portal on their phone homescreens?"

Ask them to. Pinning your business portal to their smartphone and tablet homescreen is a "good idea". It's not a hard idea to sell.

"How do I get people to comment in my local discussion community?"

Ask them to. Also, allow people to organically find your local discussion community through search engine searches. You should also post comments to your own discussion community as all of your comments are indexed with search engines to be displayed as search results for specific keywords.

"I don't offer pricing incentives. Do I have to use yours to participate in this program?"

No. Your choice. Our incentive designs are simply an inherent part of our offerings. If you don't need them now, then you can always activate them later.

"Do I have to offer gift cheques and coupons to everyone?"

No. That is up to you. We recommend offering incentives to get new business. If you are receiving sales and leads from other sources regardless of any incentives you offer, then only offer your incentives to get new business from new sources.

"Can I edit the incentive discounts on my gift cheques and coupons?"

Yes. We customize your incentives upon request. Because of "graphic design" and file export issues, you cannot edit your own incentives. However, we do it for you as part of your monthly subscription payment.

"How do expiration dates on my incentives work?"

Your incentives expire based only an a date that appears in your business portal. This encourages people to pin your business portal to their smartphone and tablet homescreens. You can log into your Editing Environment to change your incentive expiration date as you seen you fit.

"Can I edit or modify discussion channels in my local discussion community?"

You cannot do this on your own, but we can do it for you upon request.

"Can my business portal be used in place of having a primary business website?"

Yes, but we don't recommend it. Get a website.

"Can I add or delete channels in my business portal?"

You cannot do this on your own, but we can do it for you upon request.