The most important part about making the REALIVISTA Marketing System work for you is that you actually need to share it with people you do business with and want business from.

It is also important to note that the REALIVISTA Marketing System is not a replacement for your business website. Whereas your business website is intended to help you promote your company (like a brochure), your REALIVISTA services are intended to help you establish a "brand presence" and build "brand familiarity" with local referrers and customers. REALIVISTA is also designed to encourage engagement and communication whereas your business website might only be once per client.

Listed below are core REALIVISTA products and how you should use them for maximum impact in your local market.

Professional Business Portal - SEE IT


For you to share with others.


  • Feature-rich digital business card and virtual file drawer that you ask all clients and referrers to "pin" to the homescreens of their smartphones and tablets so that communication tools and business-related assets are only "one tap" away.

  • Includes integrated forms that allow users to order inspections, offer a private quality-assurance review of your company, refer new customers, and ask questions with the ability to attach files and photos.

  • Keeps your company's "brand" in view when people access their smartphone and tablet homescreens so that you can build your brand familiarity.

  • Allows people to easily share your company with others through email, social media, and text (SMS) without having to remember your contact information.


  • "Pinning" means to add your portal's quick-launch icon to their homescreens. Your portal opens inside of a browser and is not a mobile app. Pinning it will not consume any memory on their device as they are not downloading or installing anything.

  • Because your portal works within a browser, it is searchable by search engines. It can also be used from any PC, laptop, netbook, or other Internet-connected machine that has a web browser.

  • Channels (or pages) inside of your portal can be customized. We can help you to add or remove channels and content upon request so that your portal is highly-customized to your company.

  • Every home inspector with a portal is listed in an integrated home inspector directory that is accessible from each other's respective portals.

  • There are A LOT of "digital business card" apps out there for mobile devices. None of them are specific to the needs of home inspector. In fact, most of them require others to download their app just so you can view someone else's digital business card. REALIVISTA takes a browser-based approach, so there is nothing to download or install on any device. A mobile website browser is just as effective, and every device already has one.

Local Discussion Community - SEE IT


For search engines to find, and for you to share with others.


  • Provides a social community for your clients and professional referrers to discuss local topics(with or without you). Your REALIVISTA Discussion Community is Presented by you so your company is always top-of-mind when people show up to post, read, or reply to comments.

  • Provides other businesses with the ability to "frame" your discussion community into their own websites. For example, a real estate agent with his or her own website can add your discussion community to their own website, and thus add functionality, by simply copying and pasting a few lines of code that is provided in the HTML of any page within their website.

  • Local discussion communities are rare on the World Wide Web, so having one helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for search phrases and keywords that are associated with local information. Because your business is associated as the "presenter", people see YOU when they visit your community from search results.


  • You (or anyone else) has the ability to subscribe to your discussion community so that email alerts are sent whenever someone posts a new discussion topic or reply.

  • The more comments that are posted, the more content there is for search engines to index for a wider range of search terms and keywords. This is an important strategy if you are aware that people who have interest in moving to your area (and may need a home inspection) are very likely to research your local area through search engines. If they click on your REALIVISTA community from search engine results, then you will be the FIRST home inspector they see.

  • Your contact information that is located inside of your community is linked to your portal. If you change contact information in your portal, then your community is automatically updated.

Incentive Marketing Program - SEE IT


Helps to generate immediate interest and new sales by incentivising your offerings.

Helps to generate secondary inspection sales from new "buyers inspection" clients.

Helps to generate secondary inspection sales from prior "buyers inspection" clients.

Provides you with something significant to use for outreach marketing


  • Has a strong focus on helping you to sell the four most common types of SOP-relevant inspections. These include inspections for buyers, sellers (pre-listing), 11-Month Warranty (within the first year of a buyers inspection), and Home Health Check-Up (if the client either doesn't have a warranty of had you perform an inspection over one year ago).

  • Helps to compel clients to pre-schedule secondary inspections to keep your long-term booking calendar.

  • Provides professional referrers (such as real estate agents) with the ability to present your incentives as a "gift" FROM THEM.


  • Fully RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act) compliant for buyers inspections. Secondary inspections such as Sellers (Pre-Listing), Warranty or Home Health Check-Up do not fall under RESPA settlement inspection laws as they are not part of the settlement process.

  • Compliant with CARD ACT of 2009 as no person must purchase your incentives before using or sharing them.

  • We provide professional referrers (agents) with a MS-Word file that allows them to edit their name and contact information in the Presented to section of your incentive gift cheques. We also provide them with an instruction sheet that helps them to use your incentive gift cheques more effectively. These assets are available to them through your portal.

  • Your incentive gift cheques are customized to whatever denomination and terms you choose.